The 5 Best Oils for Griddle Cooking

The sun is out. Your family is hungry. Your griddle’s hot. You’re ready to cook.

But wait – before you hear that signature sizzle, be sure to choose the right ingredients for the job. After all, the right ingredient can make or break a dish.

Just like how not all griddling is done at the same temperature, not all cooking oil behaves similarly. Choose the right oil and your dish is sure to be a hit. Choose the wrong one, and you’re likely to serve a burned mess. At this moment, all that stands between you and a great griddle-cooked meal is your choice of cooking oil.

So, what oil should you use on a griddle for cooking? In this article, we’ll learn why certain types of oil are better for use on a griddle. We’ll also explore the best cooking oil for outdoor griddle cooking.

The Best Oil for Griddle Cooking? Look for the Smoke Point

If you’ve ever cooked with the wrong oil, you likely know what happened next: your griddle, grill, or kitchen were likely overwhelmed with smoke. This is because not all cooking oils have the same smoke point.

Like with any high-heat cooking, griddle cooking requires an oil that has a high smoke point of around 400°F or higher.

Below, we’ve got recommendations for five cooking oils that not only have smoke points that meet or exceed 400°F but are among the best oil for griddle cooking.

1. Vegetable Oil

Standard vegetable oils, which can be found at nearly every grocery store around, have a smoke point of between 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This puts them squarely in the range for a great griddle experience.

2. Canola Oil

Another commonly found grocery staple, canola oil smokes at 400 degrees and is relatively tasteless, meaning your food will maintain its flavor as expected when griddled.

3. Clarified Butter

Though not technically an “oil,” clarified butter smokes at 450°F. This means it is a great cooking lubricant for high sizzle, high sear cooking.

4. Avocado Oil

To be fair, this is a more bourgeois pick, given its cost. But avocado oil is definitively among the best cooking oil for griddle cooking. It is not only incredibly healthy but it smokes at the high temperature of 500°F!

5. Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is the holy grail of griddle cooking oil. It is affordable with a neutral flavor profile and a crazy high smoke point at 510°F. Go nuts with this oil and your griddle (and family) will thank you later.

Find the Best Griddles to Go With Your Best Oil

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