The 4 Best Outdoor Griddles

Grilling season is upon us. Outdoor cooking awaits. And an outdoor griddle allows for convenient, healthy, and reliable cooking anywhere you are. That’s why outdoor griddles are so popular among grilling enthusiasts!

Don’t leave your family and friends hungry and waiting. Level up your grilling experience with the best propane griddle on the market.

But what should you look for when searching for top-rated outdoor griddles? And what is the best outdoor griddle? Generally speaking, your griddle should offer:

  • Multiple cooking zones
  • An even cooktop
  • A design that allows for travel
  • A grease management system to prioritize healthy cooking
  • An easy-to-clean design

The good news is, the best outdoor griddles can offer all that and more. In this article, we’ll cover four of the best propane griddles money can buy.

Elite4B Outdoor Griddle

Behold, the holy grail of griddling: the Elite4B Outdoor Griddle. Cook multiple foods simultaneously or prep a wide variety of food and prep styles. Pack it up and take it to go.

Needless to say, this beast can handle a veritable troops’ worth of food prep needs whenever and wherever they’re needed.

With four burners and eight distinct cooking zones, this griddle is absolutely massive. It also offers a heat range of between 300°F to 750°F and a 720 square-inch griddle surface. If you’re looking for the best outdoor griddle on the market, this is it. Doubtlessly, this is one of the highest-end and best propane griddles for your buck.

Elite3B Outdoor Griddle

For a slightly less beastly griddle, look at the Elite3B. It’s got three burners covering six cooking zones. It also can warm up in only 10 minutes, meaning you’ll go from campsite setup to dinnertime in no time.

Elite2B Outdoor Griddle

The Elite2B griddle is your classic two-burner, four-zone griddle. Pack it up in your flatbed or camper and enjoy 480 square inches of wall-to-wall cooking area.

Elite1B Countertop Griddle

If you’re looking for something a bit more size-conscious, look no further than the Elite1B Countertop Griddle. This small but mighty cooktop offers a solid 284 square-inch griddle plate and a patent-pending dual burner design. But it packs just as much power as its bigger siblings! Consider this your road warrior when it comes to outdoor griddling.

Shop the Best Griddles and Griddle Accessories

A good griddle should be well-built, offer precise temperature control, and allow for maximum cooking flexibility. With the Elite series of outdoor griddles from HALO Products Group, you’ll find all that and more.

Browse our propane outdoor griddles & accessories today.

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