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Coffee-rubbed Steak Egg and Spinach Bagels

  • Author: Jacob Mauzey


Breakfast can be all you want it to be and these bagels said we want to be everything. A great way to start your day even if you aren’t a morning person.



Flat Iron or Skirt Steak

Bourbon Smoked Coffee and Chili Powder Rub

6 Eggs

6 Everything Bagels






Chipotle Aoli Mayo


Preheat your Elite Series griddle

Apply coffee rub to steak and set aside to warm up to room temp.

Reduce griddle temp to medium and add a stick of butter. Place the steak on the griddle and start cooking the first side. We can leave it down for about 5 minutes since it is a decently large piece of meat. Keep the lid closed for this as it will help warm up the meat faster.

Once you flip the meat over to the other side, start cooking your eggs. I prefer medium to hard fried eggs for this but cook to your preference add salt and pepper to preference. Set eggs aside.

Check the temperature on the steak as we are looking to get to 130 degrees before removing.

Place more butter down if needed so that we can toast our bagels, alternatively you can also just butter the bagels and place on griddle. Toast to desired doneness.

Once the steak has rested slice against the grain into strips for the bagels.

Assemble bagels to your liking, I start with the optional aoli, then steak slices, spinach, egg, and more aoli on the top bagel.


If you prefer the eggs to be very hot off the griddle swap toasting the bagels and frying the eggs. All eggs are good to me, however for people who are particular about it this is probably better. I cook the eggs first to soak up more of the coffee chili rub remaining on the griddle.