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Flat Iron Tacos

  • Author: Jacob Mauzey


Give the family the perfect Tex-Mex Fajita night with this delicious recipe! Sauteed in peppers, onions and topped with cotija cheese, this sizzling steak is infused with flavor.


Flat Iron Steak

Green Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

White Onion

Garlic Powder


Chili Powder

Olive Oil

Cotija Cheese



Cook steak using this recipe.

Slice peppers and onions into strips, season with chili powder and garlic powder.

Pre-heat your Prime300 grill at 450 degrees and open the sear plate. Place a cast iron pan over the sear plate.

Put oil inon the cast iron and onions and peppers. Add salt to preference and cook down peppers and onions.

Cut steak into strips and serve on tortillas with peppers onions and cotija.