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How to Choose the Best Countertop Griddle

A good griddle can be central to a fun and healthy meal for your family. If you’re ready to move on from dirty, old fashioned charcoal grills, we recommend considering a reliable countertop griddle. These modern and flexible appliances are beloved by griddle cooking enthusiasts worldwide.

But what should you look for in your next countertop griddle? Here we’ll break down the features that can only be found in the best electric griddles. These are the must-have perks that will ensure your griddle cooks to perfection every time.

Multiple Heat Zones

Griddles seem fairly basic at first blush. Yes, ultimately your griddle is just a hot cooking area. Do you really need more than that?

But consider the versatility of having multiple heat zones, each with its own controllable temperature. With a modern electric countertop griddle, you can cook multiple kinds of foods simultaneously. Say, a piece of meat or fish on one side and your veggies on the other. Say goodbye to ill-timed plating and hello to flavor!

Grease Management

Any griddle worth its salt is designed to move oil and grease away from cooked food, making it healthier to consume. To be sure, this is just as true for countertop griddles as it is for their full-sized siblings.

Even countertop griddles can move grease away from the cooking space. With a proper grease management solution built into your griddle’s surface area, the benefits are twofold. You can save your countertops from a mess and ensure your dish is prepared exactly the way you like it.

The only thing to consider when comparing with their larger counterparts is that the grease trap may be smaller. It will thus need to be emptied more frequently if you plan to cook a lot of food in one session.

Level Design

When shopping for countertop griddles, be sure that it has been designed for level use. Another perk is the ability to alter the cooking surface’s position per your leveling needs. Without it, your food is likely to become a greasy mess.

Many of the best outdoor griddles come with a built-in leveler. However, some even offer portable levels that can serve other functions (like as a squeegee).

Fuel Compatibility

Unlike traditional charcoal grills, one of the best things about griddles is they are fuel flexible. Gone are the days of lighter fluid and smoky eyes and here are the days of flexibility and precise temperature control.

To maximize your griddling capabilities, consider a griddle that can be heated via propane and natural gas. This way, you will be able to griddle even if your propane tanks run dry.

Reliably Made

HALO Products Group knows a thing or two about griddling. With our countertop griddle’s premium features, your next griddle adventure is closer than you think. Shop our new countertop griddle!

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