How to Clean Your HALO Pizza Oven

Pizza-making is a ton of fun and great for social gatherings with your friends and family! If you use your pizza oven frequently, you’ll see that it can get dirty very quickly. And believe us, we understand that cleaning, particularly with regard to pizza ovens, is the most unpleasant part of cooking.

Pizza ovens must be cleaned thoroughly after each use because if they aren’t, food remnants and grease can build up and alter the flavor of your pizza, cause your pizza oven to stop operating effectively, or even worse, start a fire.

The good news is that cleaning your pizza oven no longer has to be such a messy chore. At HALO, we believe cleaning your pizza oven should be a quick and easy task. The HALO Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven is specifically made for easy cleaning, eliminating the hassle!

Keep reading to learn how to clean your pizza oven from HALO so you can keep it looking like new for years to come! 

Why Should You Keep Your Pizza Oven Clean?

Maintaining a clean pizza oven will improve the flavor of your food and make it last longer. In a dirty pizza oven, your food might taste bad and cook unevenly, making it less enjoyable to eat. 

Even though we’ve made cleaning a pizza oven simple and convenient, you must still take the proper precautions or you risk harming your pizza oven. We have created a step-by-step guide on how to clean your metal pizza oven from HALO so you can be sure you’re cleaning it correctly.

How to Clean Your Pizza Oven Step by Step

1. Remove All Components and Clean the Inside 

The Versa 16 is unique because all components, including the stone and the plate, can be removed. Therefore, the first step in learning how to clean your pizza oven is to take everything out so you can get inside and clean the entire oven. Be sure to sweep away all of the ash and burnt debris, and avoid using hard brushes as they may scratch or harm the oven.

Clean Off the Grease

If you enjoy preparing greasy meals, the roof of your lid will likely be covered in stains. You can get rid of these grease stains by using steel wool and a food-grade concession equipment cleaner, which does the trick and leaves you with a shiny, clean lid.

2. Clean the Pizza Stone 

The next step in maintaining your pizza oven is cleaning the stone, which is one of the simplest aspects of caring for your Versa 16. When cleaning the pizza stone, do not use soap or detergent as it can influence the flavor of your pizza. 

Simply allow it to cool, scrape away any chunks or crumbs with a nylon pan scrape, and then run it under warm water. More stubborn debris will take a bit more effort. In this case, soak the stone in hot water and then completely dry it.

HALO’s Pizza Stone Cleaning Kit includes the ideal equipment to clean your pizza stone. This pizza oven cleaner kit includes a scraper brush with nylon bristles and a removable scraper tip for easy cleaning. It also comes with an ash pan to sweep any scraps or ash into. Always make sure your pizza oven is cold before using this cleaner. 

With the help of this kit, you can maintain the cleanliness of your pizza oven and keep it ready to prepare the next delicious meal!

Clean the Exterior

Like any outdoor equipment, your pizza oven’s exterior will inevitably become dirty over time. To keep your pizza oven looking nice and polished and operating as it should, you should clean the outside of it. 

The Versa 16 should be covered at all times when left outside, especially during the winter months. Our Versa 16 Pizza Oven Cover is weather-proof and designed for a custom, tailored fit for our outdoor pizza oven. This cover will shield your oven from outside elements so that when you use it again, it will appear shiny and clean!

Now that you know how to clean your pizza oven step by step, you can maintain your oven frequently and keep it looking brand-new for years to come.

The Versa 16 is the only pizza oven that offers a rotating stone package, dual burner system, hinged lid, and versatile portability features – which make cleaning it a relatively small price to pay. 

Tips for Caring for Your Pizza Oven 

It’s important to remember that cleaning your pizza oven will be easier the faster you do it. However, you can put off cleaning until the next day! This allows you to unwind and enjoy a delectable meal with your loved ones and gives the pizza oven more time to completely cool off.

Here are some additional tips to extend the lifespan of your pizza oven:

  • Keep your pizza oven somewhere dry and cool.
  • Keep the area around the pizza oven free of flammable substances like gasoline and other combustible vapors.
  • Cover the burners with aluminum foil to block insects or other debris from accumulating in the burner holes.
  • Check and clean the burner/venturi tubes. A clogged tube may cause a fire under the appliance.
  • Avoid using the dishwasher to clean stoneware.

Shop the Best Pizza Oven From HALO! 

Making pizza has never been more fun and easy! The Versa 16 cooks delicious pizza in a short amount of time using state-of-the-art technology. Not only that, but it can also prepare a variety of foods, including steak, vegetables, and even dessert!

This portable pizza oven allows you to quickly prepare delicious meals wherever you are, whether it’s in your backyard, at a tailgate, or while camping.

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor cooking experience? Shop the Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven today!

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