Person cooking on a griddle. Various vegetables being cooked.

How to Choose the Best Countertop Griddle

A good griddle can be central to a fun and healthy meal for your family. If you’re ready to move on from dirty, old fashioned charcoal grills, we recommend considering a reliable countertop griddle. These modern and flexible appliances are beloved by griddle cooking enthusiasts worldwide. But what should you look for in your next

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Metal auger moving wood pellets through a pellet grill

How Does a Wood Pellet Grill Work?

A Beginners’ Guide to Pellet Grills Grilling season doesn’t just mean a choice between hamburgers and hot dogs. It also begs the question of what kind of grill you want to use when cooking outdoors. But while there are a lot of popular grilling choices, one you may be less familiar with is the pellet

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Man grilling various foods outside on a HALO outdoor grill

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking Appliances

There is nothing quite like cooking outside. For some reason, the warm sun and fresh air of the season seem to make food taste better. So, with grilling season upon us, it’s time to explore the best cooking and grilling tools. These are the ones you’ll need for a successful outdoor cooking experience. In this

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Person outdoors making pancakes on a countertop HALO griddle

The 7 Best Griddle Cooking Tips

Your griddle is a versatile cooking tool. Sure, it can do smash burgers, chicken breasts, and more with ease. But did you know it can handle all sorts of foods? The key to cooking a diverse meal on your sizzling griddle is to ensure you’re using your griddle right. Griddles aren’t hard to use, but

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Griddle cooking accessories lined up in a row.

The 5 Best Griddle Accessories & Utensils

So you’ve cleaned and seasoned your griddle. You’re almost ready to cook. But if that’s all you’ve done you’ve missed one important step: arming yourself with the must have griddle accessories to maximize your cooking potential. But what are the best griddle accessories? While there are many ways to level up your griddle experience, we’re

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Various food cooking on an outdoor griddle

The 5 Best Oils for Griddle Cooking

The sun is out. Your family is hungry. Your griddle’s hot. You’re ready to cook. But wait – before you hear that signature sizzle, be sure to choose the right ingredients for the job. After all, the right ingredient can make or break a dish. Just like how not all griddling is done at the

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Woman cooking on a portable gas griddle outdoors

The 4 Best Outdoor Griddles

Grilling season is upon us. Outdoor cooking awaits. And an outdoor griddle allows for convenient, healthy, and reliable cooking anywhere you are. That’s why outdoor griddles are so popular among grilling enthusiasts! Don’t leave your family and friends hungry and waiting. Level up your grilling experience with the best propane griddle on the market. But

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Griddle seasoning with your HALO Elite Griddle

How to Season a Griddle in 6 Easy Steps

Many griddle owners wonder what is the best way to season a griddle. And while it may seem overwhelming, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, seasoning a griddle is about as easy as cooking on it. In this article, we’ll cover the hows and whys to ensure a prepped and ready cooktop

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Pellet grill wood pellets in a spinning auger

How to Store Pellet Grill Pellets

Unlike the propane of traditional grills, pellet grills burn wood pellets to keep their flame alight. But while metal canisters are the obvious choice for storing flammable gas, you may be wondering how to store grill pellets. After all, wood is only flammable if it is properly shielded from the elements. So what is the

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