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S’mores Pie

  • Author: Jacob Mauzey


Do you like s’mores? Do you like pies? Do you wish you could have both? Look no further than this deliciously sticky dessert.




Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Crushed Graham Crackers

Hershey’s Bar Pieces


Pre-heat Grill to 225 degrees.

Spread a thin layer of nutella across the bottom of the pie crust evenly. This is to help keep the marshmallows in place.

Place marshmellows on nutella until the pie crust is completely filled.

Place pie on grill for 45 minutes, remove and add chocolate pieces to edge and top of pie.

Return to grill for 15 minutes or until chocolate is slightly melted.

Sprinkle with crushed graham crackers and enjoy.

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