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What are the BTUs for the burners?

When set to HIGH setting, Rear Burner BTU rating is 11,600 and the Infrared Burner rating is 9,500.

How can I season my stone?

Your stone will naturally season as you cook on it but one trick to quickly season the stone is to spray the stone with cooking oil LIGHTLY and allow it to cook off in the pizza oven.

What type of stone comes with the Versa 16 and what is the thickness? 

The Halo Versa 16 Pizza Oven includes a large, Cordierite cooking stone, 1/2 an inch thick, that allows for a wide variety of cooking – from veggies and pastries up to 16” pizzas.

Can the Versa 16 Pizza Oven be used indoors?

No. The Versa 16 Pizza Oven is powered by propane gas. Therefore, the unit is for outdoor use only for consumer safety.

What kind of insulation does the pizza oven have?

Our Versa 16 has a Stainless-Steel Inner liner. This creates an air gap between the liner and the outer surface. This acts as an insulator to help cool the outer surface and hold heat inside the oven. Note: The outer surface will still get hot to the touch.

Where’s the serial number?

The product serial number is on the rating and identification label on the bottom of the feet

How long does the battery last?

20-26 hours depending on what battery is used. The Versa 16 also comes with an AC Adapter.

How do I clean the pizza stone?

Cleaning the stone is one of the simplest parts of taking care of your Versa 16, because you want to keep the seasoning of the surface intact. DO NOT use soap or detergent when cleaning it. Simply allow it to cool completely before cleaning it, then scrape off any excess food with a nylon pan scraper. For something more baked on and stubborn, soak the stone in hot water, then dry thoroughly. If there aren’t any food particles that could harbor bacteria on your stone, it’s clean and safe to use. Check out our new pizza stone cleaning kit!

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