Griddle vs Skillet: Which Provides Better Heat Distribution?


Choosing the right pan for even cooking can be tough. This blog explores the battle between griddles and skillets in terms of heat distribution.

  • Griddles: Win the heat distribution battle thanks to their large, flat surface.
  • Skillets: Can have hot spots due to their angled sides.
  • Ultimately: The best choice depends on your needs, but if even heat and versatility are key, a griddle might be your champion.

Ever struggled with unevenly cooked pancakes or frustrating hot spots in your pan? We’ve all been there! Choosing the right cookware can make a world of difference in achieving perfectly cooked food. Two contenders often rise to the top: the griddle vs skillet.

Both offer their own advantages, but when it comes to even heat distribution, which is better? We’re here to help you figure it out.

We’ll explore the heating capabilities and unique strengths of each. By the end, you’ll be equipped to choose the perfect tool for your next cooking masterpiece

What’s the Difference Between a Skillet and a Griddle?

Before we get into the comparison of heat distribution, let’s get acquainted with our two contenders. The griddle and the skillet might seem like close cousins in the kitchen, but key differences set them apart.

The Griddle

Picture a spacious, flat, and nearly edgeless cooking area—that’s what a griddle is all about. Usually square or rectangular, it sits low with hardly any sides. This wide, even cooking space is perfect for cooking large batches of food simultaneously. It’s perfect for dishes like pancakes, grilled cheese, or fajitas.

The Skillet

On the other hand, the skillet has a more recognizable shape. They’re similar to frying pans but are rounded with deeper, sloped sides that come up from a flat bottom. This design is great for holding liquids and keeping heat in. This makes it ideal for tasks such as searing meat, cooking veggies, or whipping up sauces.

Skillets come in different materials, with cast iron and stainless steel being quite common. When it comes to griddles vs cast iron skillets there might be some variations in heat.

Fried pork steak in a cast iron skillet.

Heat Distribution: Griddle vs Skillet

Let’s get down to the main event: heat distribution. This crucial factor significantly impacts how evenly your food cooks, ensuring delicious results every time.


  • Heating: Skillets usually heat up from the bottom, then transfer the heat upwards to the cooking surface.
  • Distribution: Due to the angled walls of a skillet, the heat distribution can be uneven. The center is usually hottest while the sides are cooler. This can lead to hot spots that may burn your food or leave it undercooked in certain areas.
  • Material Impact: The type of material affects how skillets distribute heat. For example, cast iron skillets might have some areas that get hotter than others. This is because of the uneven heating from the bottom and the slanted sides. So, if you’re comparing cast iron skillets to griddles in terms of even cooking, skillets come out on top.


  • Heating: Similar to skillets, griddles generally heat from the bottom.
  • Distribution: The griddle’s big, flat surface is great for spreading heat evenly. The heat spreads out evenly across the whole cooking surface. This means there’s less chance of hot spots, making sure everything cooks consistently.
  • Material Impact: Both stovetop and outdoor griddles benefit from the materials they’re made from. Common materials like stainless steel help them hold onto heat. This makes it easier for the griddle to keep a steady cooking temperature across its flat surface.

Why Use a Griddle Over a Skillet?

When it comes to even heat distribution, the griddle wins the battle. But its benefits extend beyond just making perfect pancakes. Here’s why choosing a griddle can be a smart choice for culinary success.

Consistent Cooking

As we mentioned earlier, the wide, flat surface of a griddle spreads heat evenly, so your food cooks consistently. This means every bite turns out just right. Whether you’re searing juicy steaks or caramelizing onions, you can trust your griddle to get the job done well.

More Space to Cook

A griddle gives you way more room compared to a skillet. It’s like having a big canvas for your culinary creations. This is great when you’re feeding a bunch of people, whether it’s a big family breakfast or a backyard BBQ.

You can efficiently cook multiple ingredients at once. Cooking pancakes, sausages, and eggs all at once becomes much easier. This saves time and makes sure everyone gets to eat while the food’s still hot.

Flipping Made Easy

Griddles are simpler to flip food on because they’re flat with low edges, unlike deeper skillets. This is especially handy when you’re flipping fragile pancakes or crispy hash browns—they’re less likely to tear or stick. Griddles are also perfect for making delicate stuff like crepes or omelets, where precise control is key.

Versatile Cooking

Griddles aren’t just for breakfast, they’re great for all sorts of cooking. You can cook fish, sauté veggies, or even use it as a flat-top grill for stir-fries. Because griddles can handle so many different things, they’re perfect for trying out new cooking styles and dishes. That’s why they’re a must-have for any chef, no matter their skill level.

Simple Cleanup

The griddle’s flat surface makes it significantly easier to clean compared to a skillet with angled sides. This means less scrubbing and more time and more time enjoying your delicious creations.

Even Heat, Endless Possibilities

Both skillets and griddles have their advantages, but when you prioritize consistent results and efficiency, the griddle stands out. With its superior heat distribution, larger cooking area, and user-friendly design, it’s hard to beat.

Of course, the right choice depends on your specific needs and cooking style. But if you’re looking for even heat and versatility, the griddle is a winner.

So, are you ready to embrace even heat and unlock a world of culinary possibilities?

Browse our collection of outdoor griddles today and discover the perfect match for your next grilling adventure!

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