Cooking gourmet grilled cheese sandwich on a griddle.

Griddle vs Skillet: Which Provides Better Heat Distribution?

Summary Choosing the right pan for even cooking can be tough. This blog explores the battle between griddles and skillets in terms of heat distribution. Griddles: Win the heat distribution battle thanks to their large, flat surface. Skillets: Can have hot spots due to their angled sides. Ultimately: The best choice depends on your needs,

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A man using a griddle outdoors.

Griddle vs Grill: Which is Better for Cooking? 

The battle for backyard barbecue bragging rights often boils down to one age-old debate: griddle vs grill. Both cooking methods bring their own special flair and tastes, suiting different palates and preferences. But today, we’re going to help settle the score. Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of both contenders and their versatility, flavor, and

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Smoker wood pellets.

Pellet Grill vs Gas Grill: Which Offers Better Flavor? 

When the grilling season returns, a fiery debate resurfaces: pellet grill vs gas grill. Both promise mouthwatering masterpieces, but which truly delivers the best flavor? Let’s explore the smoky depths of grilling, uncovering the strengths and secrets of each contender. Whether you’re a grill master or a casual backyard chef, this guide will help you

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A full barbecue spread on an outdoor dinner table.

Pellet Grill vs Charcoal: Which is the Best for BBQ? 

There’s nothing quite like the magic of barbecue. But when it comes to choosing the ultimate grill, everyone seems to have an opinion on whether a pellet grill vs charcoal grill is better. Each brings its own unique benefits and imparts a unique flavor. So, how do you choose the best option for your backyard

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Cooking chicken fajitas on a griddle.

Griddle Cooking: Taking Your Outdoor Cooking to the Next Level

Ever feel like your outdoor cooking game is stuck in a burger rut? Tired of the same old BBQ routine? If so, it’s time to explore the wonderful world of griddle cooking. This flat-top marvel isn’t just for pancakes and hash browns anymore. No matter your cooking level, the griddle offers endless possibilities for culinary

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Pouring wood pellets into a pellet grill

Are Pellet Grills Worth It? 5 Amazing Benefits

In the world of outdoor cooking, the pellet grill is gaining serious popularity. But with their higher price tag compared to traditional options, the question remains: are pellet grills worth it? Well, we’re going to explore five amazing benefits of this grill and see why they’ve become a hot trend. Let’s see if pellet grills

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Smoked Roasted Pork Butt with Barbecue Sauce

How to Smoke a Pork Butt on a Pellet Grill

Every grillmaster from Dallas to Memphis knows smoked pulled pork is about as good as it gets. There’s something about the tender meat that pairs perfectly with a smoky, succulent BBQ sauce.  While there are plenty of great cuts of pork to consider, the cut above the rest when it comes to smoking has got

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3 gourmet cheeseburgers with sauce and topics.

How to Season & Cook Burgers on a Griddle

When you’re cooking on a griddle, your family and friends expect the best. A perfectly griddle-seared burger can bring people together and help forge memories that last.  But griddle cooking isn’t as simple as tossing ground beef on an open flame and calling it a day. Griddling is about finesse, and learning from the pros

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Pancakes, eggs and bacon on a griddle

How to Cook Pancakes on a Griddle

The classic American breakfast table has but a few key ingredients…  One of the great things about pancakes is they are shockingly easy to make. Just a few ingredients turn your breakfast table into something worth fighting over. But while the mix is in, the key to a truly fluffy stack is a mastery of

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