How to Season & Cook Burgers on a Griddle

When you’re cooking on a griddle, your family and friends expect the best. A perfectly griddle-seared burger can bring people together and help forge memories that last. 

But griddle cooking isn’t as simple as tossing ground beef on an open flame and calling it a day. Griddling is about finesse, and learning from the pros you can trust. Consider our tips for cooking burgers on a griddle perfectly every time. 

The Secret to Great Griddling

There’s no doubt cooking burgers on a griddle is relatively simple. It requires high quality meat, a great recipe, and a reliable outdoor griddle. But the real trick is patience. 

Griddling isn’t a race to a plate piled high. It’s a conversation between you, the heat, and the meat. So slow down and follow these steps toward bite-for-bite perfection. 

Step 1: Heat Your Griddle 

Ground beef needs a supremely hot cooktop to cook properly. That’s because this process is more about searing than about thorough cooking. 

That said, you’re wondering exactly what temp to cook burgers on a griddle. The answer is a staggering 450 degrees Fahrenheit! 

So crank your griddle’s heat and wait until your griddle is ready. The good news is the next step can be done while you wait for the preheat to complete. 

Step 2: Prep Your Meat 

A great burger is all about the sum of its parts. The cut of meat, the hamburger buns, the toppings… all are important. But what goes into the meat is important too. 

An amateur burger might be salted and peppered. And sure, salt and pepper are necessary spices. But the pros know the secret to delectable burger bites is a trustworthy meat seasoning. We suggest trying a few on the market to discover your family’s favorite. 

Once you have your seasoning selected, add it and your meat to a mixing bowl and combine thoroughly with your bare hands. The key here is to get all of the seasoning incorporated throughout the meat. No one wants to bite into a pocket of concentrated flavoring. 

But don’t overwork the meat during this step. This will make it tough and chewy when cooked. Instead, just be thorough in mixing in your seasoning and then back off. 

Step 3: Form Your Patties 

Grab a bit of your meat-and-seasoning mixture from the bowl. Slapping and pressing the meat between your hands, you can begin to form it into a patty. As a rule, your patty should be about the size of your palm (4.5 inches) and about ¾ of an inch thick. 

Step 4: Get to Griddling 

Once your griddle is properly hot and your patties are formed, it’s time to place them on the griddletop. The key here is to place all of your burgers down at the same time. This will ensure each gets the same amount of cooking before serving. 

But you may be wondering how long to cook burgers on a griddle. Here’s a handy guide, per level on doneness: 

  • Medium-Rare: 4 minutes for each side 
  • Medium: 4 minutes for the first side and 5 minutes for the other side 
  • Medium-Well: 5 minutes per side 
  • Well Done: 10+ minutes total or before the patty reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit (whichever comes first) 
Cutlets from minced meat roasted on the grill. Meat hamburger Patty closeup.

As you can see, how long to cook burgers on a griddle largely depends on your taste and preferences. And what temp to cook burgers on a griddle remains unchanged. Just remember: the difference between one level and the next can be measured in just seconds. So maintain an eagle eye while you’re working with the griddle. 

Step 5: Cool Your Flipping Jets 

One of the great things about learning how to cook burgers on a griddle is the signature sear a griddletop offers. But with that griddling power comes immense responsibility. You may be tempted to flip your burgers over and over to check whether they’re done. All we can offer here is an emphatic: don’t! 

Every time you flip your burger, you break the seal between the meat and the cooktop. And that sear is what gives a burger its slightly crispy exterior and juicy interior. 

Following our guide for how long to cook burgers on a griddle above, place your meat down on the hot griddle and wait. Just a single flip per burger is all it takes. We promise, when it comes time to flip you’ll be happy with the results. 

Step 6: Say Cheese 

If you plan to turn your burgers into cheeseburgers, the best time to add your cheese is after the patty flip. The just-seared side will help melt your cheese down and around your meat with a perfect salty seal. 

Step 7: Remove from the Heat 

Once at the optimal cooked level, remove your burgers from the griddle top. Unlike steak, burgers don’t need to rest. So feel free to serve them straight off of the griddle before searing up another batch. 

Your Perfect Griddle Experience is Within Reach 

And that’s it. We told you how to cook burgers on a griddle was relatively easy, didn’t we? And what else is easy? Picking the perfect outdoor griddle to round out your griddling experience. 

HALO specializes in outdoor griddles, grills, and cooking tools for outdoor enthusiasts just like you.  

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