The 5 Best Griddle Accessories & Utensils

So you’ve cleaned and seasoned your griddle. You’re almost ready to cook. But if that’s all you’ve done you’ve missed one important step: arming yourself with the must have griddle accessories to maximize your cooking potential.

But what are the best griddle accessories? While there are many ways to level up your griddle experience, we’re going to cover 5 of the must have griddle accessories for every casual griddler.

Read on to learn more.

Squeeze Bottle

Keeping your food moist is the key to delivering that one-of-a-kind griddle flavor. That’s why you need a squeeze bottle on hand. Consider a bottle that’s designed to handle all kinds of liquids, like oil, water, and sauce, such as this one.

Grease Container Liner

One of the great things about cooking on a flat griddle surface is it naturally moves the grease and fat away from your food, thus making it healthier. But all of that grease needs to go somewhere!

Catch all of that grease and aid in a quick and easy cleanup with a grease container liner. A foil liner, like this one, is easy to clean and dispose of, and, if it’s been designed for your griddle, easy to install in your grease trap.

Natural Gas Conversion Kit

If you want to use natural gas to power your griddle (rather than traditional propane), you’re going to need a conversion kit. Consider this kit, which has all of the hoses and hardware you’ll need.

Griddle Cover

Keeping your griddle protected is just as important as using it properly. Consider a griddle cover that’s designed for a snug fit on your griddle. Any cover worth its salt should be heat resistant and be able to provide protection against rain, snow, and more.

Utensil Kit

Prep for your cook with all of the best outdoor griddle accessories and utensils you may need. Your must-have list of griddle tools likely includes a:

  • Spatula
  • Spray bottle
  • Scraping utensil
  • And more.

You can go simple with just the basics found in this tool kit or go all out and arm yourself to the teeth with an elite kit for elite griddlers. Whatever you pick, remember it’s better to be over prepared than under with the best griddle accessory kits.

Trust the Best Griddle Utensils from the Best Griddle Maker

HALO Products Group offers a wide range of the best flat top griddle accessories for every need. Whether you’re just starting out with your griddle or have enjoyed layer upon layer of season, our unmatched high-quality accessories are just what you need to cook a perfect flattop meal every time.

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