The 7 Best Griddle Cooking Tips

Your griddle is a versatile cooking tool. Sure, it can do smash burgers, chicken breasts, and more with ease. But did you know it can handle all sorts of foods?

The key to cooking a diverse meal on your sizzling griddle is to ensure you’re using your griddle right. Griddles aren’t hard to use, but there are considerations to keep in mind as you separate yourself from the amateurs.

In this article, we’ll break down seven of the top griddle cooking tips to keep your food delicious.

Don’t Limit Yourself

It’s time to broaden your palate. We’re not saying anything bad about a classic burger. And honestly, there’s really nothing better than a burger fresh off of the griddle. But your griddle has nearly infinite potential to keep your family fed:

  • Like charred veggie skewers? Griddle them to sear in flavor.
  • Hungry for an omelet? Boom–your griddle is hot and ready.
  • Craving Asian flavors? Your griddle makes a mean fried rice.
  • Breakfast time? Your order’s up with your next round of hash browns or pancakes.

You can even deliver tasty desserts straight off of your griddle. Consider cooking caramelized fruit (we recommend pineapple and mango) and even the classic Elvis sandwich.

Get creative. Your griddle can handle it.

Okay, Limit Yourself a Little

If that last idea has your brain swirling, hold on. There are some things you can’t cook on your griddle. Stuff like pasta, soups, and anything saucy is better cooked in a pot.

Skip anything with cream that you don’t plan to turn into an omelet.

Also, don’t cook any foods whose flavor you don’t want to transfer to your other foods. That is, unless you plan to do a full clean.

Different Heats for Different Foods

We’ll just come out and say it. You can’t just crank your griddle to the max and load it up with everything.

One of the best things about cooking on a griddle is they offer precise temperature control. Some even offer distinct heat zones. This means one section of your griddle can be super hot while another can handle low and slow cooking.

Cooking vegetables on a griddle outside

This is particularly helpful when planning to cook different foods that have different cooking styles.

Consider an old-fashioned patty melt. While the burger and the bun need a high heat for a crisp sear, the rest of the meal might burn.

Instead, set the other side of your griddle to low. Next, start your onions early to maximize caramelization, and then add your cheese on top. Once your onions start to go translucent, sear your burger and boom: a perfect patty melt.

Oil is Your Friend

Using too much oil in a traditional cast iron skillet is sure to turn your meal into a greasy mess. But one of the greatest things about griddling is the cooking surface is designed to move grease away from your food. That’s what the grease trap is for. And that’s what keeps foods healthy and light.

It also means you can be plentiful with your cooking oil. This will maximize flavor and give your food those crispy edges without fearing the extra calories. Win-win.

You Can Always Add, But You Can’t Take Away (Quickly)

You know what they say about seasoning. The same is true for heat. Griddles are amazing at getting very hot very quickly. However, before you’ve even started cooking a thing, consider the foods you plan to cook.

Make a plan for what will be cooked and in what order. Start with the foods that need the lowest temperature. You can increase the heat as you eventually move onto foods that require it. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting for the griddle to cool.

Season Like There’s No Tomorrow

A well-working griddle is only as good as its season. And no, we don’t mean salt and pepper or the temperature outside. If you don’t season your flat top griddle, it’s liable to rust. And allowing rust is a great way to ruin a griddle.

We recently wrote a blog post on the best method to season your griddle. Check it out and you’ll have a flawless, nonstick cooking surface every time.

Only Trust the Best Griddles

We hope you’ve found these cooking-on-a-griddle tips helpful. But to really level up your griddling, you need to rely on a modern, feature-rich griddle to meet your needs. HALO Products Group has got you covered. We offer various multi-burner outdoor griddle options including the Elite2B, Elite3B, and Elite4B. Browse popular accessories like our countertop cart, essentials griddle kit, elite griddle kit, squeeze bottle pack, and more!

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