5 Best Pizza Oven Accessories You Need to Own

Once you say hello to the Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven from HALO, you can kiss your sogy pizza delivery days goodbye. Backyard pizza cooking, which is surging in popularity, becomes a complete game changer with this piece of kitchen tech. 

While this pizza oven makes a major difference in each sensational slice, there are other items you need to truly level up your pizza oven game. After all, you’re only as good of a cook as your selection of tools. And for pizza oven cooking, there are actually specific home pizza oven accessories you can use on the go for the perfect pie. 

In this handy guide, we’ve assembled five of the must-have outdoor pizza oven accessories. These are the items that will take your pizza baking skills from good to great. 

1. Pizza Oven Cover

Your new pizza oven is a truly miraculous thing. Open flame, capable of reaching insane temperatures almost instantaneously, perfect edge-to-edge cooking capabilities.—a pizza oven seems to be able to do it all. 

What better way to protect your investment than by covering it when not in use? 

Consider investing in a pizza oven cover, like this one made for the Versa 16. Covering your oven will ensure dust and debris stay clear of the cooking area. This way, you can enjoy your oven’s gift of cheesy goodness for years to come. 

A cover is also a great investment if you plan on bringing your pizza oven with you to adventures afar. Rather than letting your pizza oven jostle around in your trunk, a cover will help protect it. This will ensure the oven stays as pristine as the day you bought it, no matter how far you take it! 

2. Cleaning Kit

Let’s face it. Does anyone really enjoy cleaning after cooking? But it’s a necessary part of the gig, as even outdoor cooking is an inherently messy endeavor. 

Think of a neglected grill versus a routinely scraped grill plate. The clean one just cooks better, don’t you think? 

The same is true for your outdoor pizza oven. Keep up with your routine pizza oven maintenance to keep it working in tip top shape. A cleaning kit should contain everything you need to remove ash, scrape old cooked food bits, and more. 

With regular cleaning, your pizzas can continue to come out perfectly cooked and cheesy as all get out—every time 

3. Countertop Cart

A versatile countertop cart designed specifically for your outdoor pizza oven essentially allows you to cook anywhere. Stop hunting for an available picnic table. Bring the surfaces you need with you. 

Any smart countertop cart should also fold neatly and easily. This ensures you can pack it away when finished cooking. This way, you can store it along with your other outdoor pizza oven accessories when on the go. 

4. Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Most outdoor pizza ovens, including the Versa 16, are powered by propane fuel. But if you plan to use natural gas as fuel you won’t be able to do so out of the box. Consider investing in a natural gas conversion kit

Family at a picnic enjoying freshly cooked pizza from a HALO Versa Pizza Oven. Daytime. Dining al fresco.

This helpful accessory should allow you to hook up to an available natural gas line safely and easily. Look for kits that include:  

  • Rubber and brass gas hose 
  • Nozzles 
  • Wrenches 

With a natural gas conversion kit, you can let the pizza party go on and on! You’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel again. 

The Whole Shebang

If you really want to up your pizza game, consider a bundle of pizza oven tools and accessories. The ones to consider should contain everything we mentioned above and more. The best accessories for a pizza oven include:  

  • An outdoor pizza oven, 
  • A pizza oven cover, 
  • A cleaning kit 
  • A countertop cart, and 
  • Stainless steel accessories to cook and serve a perfect pizza, including: 
  • A pizza cutter, 
  • pizza peel, 
  • and more. 

With the right home pizza oven accessories, even a casual home cook can turn out a perfect pie every time. You’ll have the necessary tool for the job each and every cook. 

Discover the Best Pizza Oven Accessories from HALO

The Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven may well be the best pizza oven on the market. Outdoor chefs are smart to consider it. But when considering the best, make the most of it! Why not equip yourself with some of the best pizza oven accessories on the market as well? 

At HALO, we’re outdoor cooking enthusiasts just like you. If you are wondering where to buy pizza oven accessories, browse our selection.  

Take pizza making to the next level with our Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven or Versa 16 with Cover

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