How to Store Pellet Grill Pellets

Unlike the propane of traditional grills, pellet grills burn wood pellets to keep their flame alight.

But while metal canisters are the obvious choice for storing flammable gas, you may be wondering how to store grill pellets. After all, wood is only flammable if it is properly shielded from the elements.

So what is the best way to store wood pellets? In this article, we’ll provide tips for storing pellets for a pellet grill. With these, you can ensure your grill burns hot every time.

Empty Out Your Grill

Let’s get this out of the way up front: no; you shouldn’t store your pellets in the hopper. Why? Because unlike proper storage containers, grills are designed to burn. The grill moves the pellets via the battery-powered auger toward the fire in small batches.

It’s also important to thoroughly clean your pellet grill regularly. Storing your unused pellets in the auger or fire pot will simply impede on a thorough cleaning.

So while it might be enticing to double your pellet grill as an expensive pellet storage device, just don’t. Besides, there are better options for storage for wood pellets elsewhere.

High and Dry

Since grill pellets are made of condensed wood chips, it’s imperative that you keep them dry. We’ve all been camping and know how hard it is to light a campfire with wet wood, right?

Weather can happen at any time and in any place. A dry area in your home or garage will offer the best protection. Consider a storage solution for your pellets that is both up off the floor and covered. Many grillers use a combination of tarps and pallets to keep their pellets protected from dampness.

Home (Not So) Sweet Home

There’s nothing prettier than a pile of pellets ready to be fired up. Unfortunately, this goes double for small critters looking to make a safe and warm home for themselves.

To keep out small rodents, consider storing wood pellets in a metal or plastic storage bin. This will not only keep moisture out but will ensure only you get access to your wood pellets. An added benefit here is a storage container can also keep your pellets dry.

We might also recommend storing your pellets in several small containers, rather than one large container. This will allow you to move your pellets with ease, bringing only the pellets you need for every cook. Now you’ve made your pellets safe and convenient!

Just remember: if it’s locked up tight nature can’t claim it! Sure, it requires an extra purchase or two, but this really is the best way to store wood pellets.

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